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Yasser Ahmed is a Canadian citizen who resides with his family in Oakville, Ontario. He is a loving father, grandfather, husband, and a prominent and active community leader. Yasser is a businessman who founded and operates an engineering company. He serves on the board of Dar Foundation Mosque in Oakville, and volunteers at other community institutions.

On December 21st, 2018, Yasser traveled to Egypt for a two month business trip.He entered Egypt without incident.He was scheduled to leave Cairo on February 18, but upon arrival at Cairo International Airport, passport control authorities confiscated his Canadian passport, and took him aside for questioning.During the time he spent at the airport, Yasser was communicating developments to his family via Whatsapp.After waiting for four hours, at 10 P.M.EST(on February 18th), he sent a message to his family, letting them know that he loves them, and then all communication ended.He also sent one final message to a friend in Egypt informing him that he was taken by Egypt’s state security.No one has heard from him since.

It remains unclear why he is being unlawfully detained by Egyptian state security.It remains unknown when or if he will be released.And most critically, there is great concern around the condition of his detention and if he is being treated according to international human rights laws.

His family and community is gravely concerned for his safety and his life.It is well documented that individuals unlawfully detained are subjected to torture and abuse in the days after arrest in Egypt.Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have various reports regarding torture of detainees when subjected to enforced disappearance.

The Government of Canada must escalate this time - sensitive matter and intervene for his safety and immediate return to Canada.

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